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This is ICON.

This is where extraordinary happens. Our premium quality ICON XB Wagyu is free from artificial growth hormones, raised in open fields by Australian producers, and grain finished for a minimum of 12 months. The result is Mb4 – Mb9+ premium Wagyu that we’re proud to serve diners around the World.

We’ll work closely with you to tailor specifications to meet your individual requirements. It’s just one more way ICON leaves a lasting impression. Experience it for yourself.

ICON is born from a place of passion and knowledge. It’s where innovation and inspiration converge with quality and process.


A visually dramatic cut, and the cut we’re famous for, our iconic ICON Tomahawk is a thick cut Rib Eye with a long, frenched bone. Tender, flavoursome and rich with intense marbling for the ultimate dining experience.

Icon XB Wagyu Products - Striploin


Our ICON Striploin is a classic cut. Also known as Sirloin, Porterhouse or New York Strip, it’s highly prized for its balance of marbling, flavour and tenderness. Coming from the lower rib area, this premium cut is an outstanding steak.

Cube Roll.

Our renowned ICON Cube Roll is incredibly tender and deeply flavoursome. Also known as Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye, this cut is famed for its abundant marbling characteristics and juicy quality.

Icon XB Wagyu Products - Tenderloin


Our ICON Tenderloin is the most tender of all the beef cuts with the most subtle flavour profile. The delicate marbling and melt-in-the-mouth texture, means this cut is arguably one of the most desired steaks.

Oyster Blade.

Our ICON Oyster Blade is a lesser known cut, but one that’s worth adding to your repertoire. Connected to the shoulder blade, and with its trademark line running through the centre, this cut is highly marbled, flavoursome and succulent.

Icon XB Wagyu Products - ShortRib

Short Rib.

Our ever popular ICON Short Rib is unrivalled for its marbling and mouth-watering, fall-apart-tender texture. It’s ideal for low’n’slow cooking like braising or sous vide then seared.

Burger Patty.

The ultimate in luxury burgers is here. Our juicy and flavour packed ICON XB Wagyu burger patty will undoubtably have you coming back for more.

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Wherever you see the True Aussie Beef brand, you can be assured the cattle have been raised in Australia’s unique climate, and processed in accordance with strict quality and integrity systems. It’s a quality mark for your peace of mind.