Icon XB Wagyu

Iconically Australian

Every story has
a beginning.

And ours begins with a simple philosophy. Create Wagyu that’s reflective of the renowned Japanese bloodline, and steeped in the essence of Australia.

Founded on a full blood Wagyu herd in Tasmania, and crafted from the tapestry of our pristine ancient lands, ICON XB Wagyu explores and expresses the very best of our Australian environment.

With exceptional marbling, texture and flavour, ICON supply is exclusive and highly sought after. An ICON that is truly uncompromising.

Japanese genetics.
Unmistakably Australian.

ICON is the result of collaborations with pioneering geneticists, cattle breeders, and producers. Within this team, there is no one loud voice. Rather a balance of knowledge, respect, and expertise. A culmination of superior Japanese genetics and Australian ingenuity. Our rigid criteria and highest of standards means only proven full blood bulls with a preference to dominant Tajima genetics are selected. The result is superior marbling, complex flavour, and unrivalled texture. ICON is beef that transcends.

It’s what’s on the inside.

Extensive, intricate marbling so soft and creamy it melts in your hands. Rich, vibrant colour and meat density, bursting with the promise of intense, melt-in-the-mouth flavour. That’s the experience ICON consistently delivers, and the experience top international chefs have come to love. Delicious, succulent, and a dining experience to savour.